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Date:2003-02-27 09:01

A girl at work brought the Ainslie Henderson CD in, and I am transfix'd. Not by the music but the actual CD itself, it's so cool!

I need to work on the TSM site today, fingers crossed I can get it done without any interruptions. Nik, I'll phone you at about 7pm your time, OK?

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Date:2003-01-23 09:28
Subject:people saaaaay, we don't care.

I don't like dogs. It's becoming abundantly clear.

I also don't like Percy Weasley, but that's a different matter entirely.

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Date:2003-01-18 20:06
Subject:oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang

wahwahwah: LOL
i shot yoko: wha?
wahwahwah: You just called LiveJournal an 'unmitigated whore'
wahwahwah: You sure fall fast.

i shot yoko: one craves chocolate
ebony ardeur: does one?
i shot yoko: yup yup
ebony ardeur: it is sad to report one is about 3cm from being a fully fledged woman
i shot yoko: 3cm?!?
i shot yoko: one is being paid a great compliment!
ebony ardeur: LMAO

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Date:2003-01-16 18:51
Subject:new TSM SL (the girl in the car in the parking lot)

I owe big time.

Do Not Forsake MeCollapse )

I know a lot of people have been clamoring for that.

World: [clamors]
Dai: [scribbles]
World: [reads] [kicks Dai in the head]
Dai: [collapses]
World: [walks off]

mister if you gonna walk on water couldja drop a line my way

Sooo. I appear to have one of these online journal things, not unlike a blog really. Well, exactly the same as a blog, really. I must think of something exciting to post that doesn't involve lesbians.

i shot yoko: The House of Jess?
awkwardshadow: Yeah.
i shot yoko: that in any way affiliated with the House of Elrond?

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